Network With Us


STP is creating a network of like-minded organizations that we hope will amplify the work of each by creating opportunities for connection, collaboration, and cross-pollination. These include religious communities (churches, synagogues, etc.), community groups, activist and advocacy organizations, non-profits and charities, artist collectives, social enterprises, and more – any group engaged in some form of proactive, progressive spiritual and/or social change is welcome to join.

Joining the STP network will benefit your organization in a number of ways

  1. Promoting your work before a wider audience of potential supporters, members, and collaborators.
    • Network partners will be featured on the STP website.
    • Select events from partner organizations will be promoted via STP’s social media outlets.
    • Partners will have opportunities to host/present/sponsor events together with STP.
    • Charitable partners may apply to be supported/promoted via STP fundraising events.
  2. Diversifying opportunities available to your members for education, community, and personal growth – without any additional expenditure of your own time, effort, or budget.
    • Partner organizations are encouraged to “white label” STP events, offering them to your constituents as your own, rather than as an outside event. (Contact us if you are interested in having your organization officially listed as a cohost/co-presenter of a specific event.)
    • Contact us if you have ideas for a specific event you would like us to help organize or promote.
  3. Connecting your community to a diverse network of organizations working together for urgently needed spiritual and social transformation.
    • STP events will allow those in different kinds of organizations – religious, charitable, activist/advocacy, artistic, etc. – opportunities to mix, mingle, and cross-pollinate with ideas and practices.
    • The STP newsletter and social media outlets will keep you and those in your organization informed about ways to join in the good work being done by other STP partners.
    • STP offers free consultations and introductions to connect your organization with other partners in our network that can help further your specific goals.