Founder and Speaker, Mike Clawson

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In addition to events specifically organized by the Spiritual Transformation Project, our founder, Mike Clawson, is also available to speak to your organization on a range of topics. Clawson holds a PhD in Religion from Baylor university with an emphasis on the history of Christianity, and specifically the evolution of Christianity in America as we have increasingly shifted to a postmodern culture over the past several generations. He has taught courses at Baylor University, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and Seminary of the Southwest, and has led workshops at several local churches.

Possible Speaking Topics

  • Crash Course Church History
  • Crash Course: What is the Bible and what is it good for?
  • Understanding the Family Tree: Introduction to Christian Denominations
  • Understanding Christian Fundamentalism, and Discovering the Alternatives
  • White People Work: Anti-Racism 101 for Wannabe White Allies
  • Why (some) Christians Hate Gay People… and Why They Shouldn’t
  • Do Christians Have to Believe in Hell?
  • The “Great Emergence” Revisited: History, Postmodernity, and Where We Are Actually Headed
  • God, Science, and Spirituality: An Integrative Approach
  • Spiritual Resources for Social Activists
  • What is “Spirituality”?
  • American Gods?: Understanding and Resisting Spiritual Powers in the Age of Trump
  • Why Change is Good… and Possible!
  • What Christians Can Learn from the “Spiritual But Not Religious”
  • Done: why people of faith are leaving the church, and what to do about it
  • Alternative Forms of Christian Community
  • Understanding the Church that is Emerging in the Twenty-First Century
  • An Introduction to Missional Ministry