About Our Events


The Spiritual Transformation Project hosts a number of recurring events in the Austin area aimed at developing local community around fun and meaningful events, and to provide opportunities for network partners to connect with one another in an informal setting. These include regular Beer & Hymns sing-alongs, our Show & Tell nights with live music and storytelling, a monthly Theology Pub discussion night, and a Movies & Meaning series in conjunction with Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ Community First! Village.

STP offers these events to churches and other local communities–not as competing programs, but as opportunities to amplify and enrich their own existing efforts. Network partners are encouraged to “white label” and promote as their own, any such events that they feel would benefit their community. Contact Mike with any questions.



Beer and Hymns

Beer & Hymns is exactly what it sounds like: we drink beer and sing classic hymns together in local pubs!

Spiritual Practice Salon.jpg


Spiritual Practice Salons are free and feature demonstrations and instruction from local spiritual practitioners in various traditions. All are welcome.


Show and Tell Storytelling

Show & Tell is a unique storytelling experience featuring live music and stories of personal transformation.


Workshops and retreats

These are evening, one-day, and weekend events offering resources, ideas, and practices for more effective personal and social transformation.


Theology Pub

Theology Pub is a friendly, open-minded, spiritually-inclusive event discussing many different issues.



Founder, Mike Clawson, is available to speak on a range of topics. He holds a PhD in Religion from Baylor university with an emphasis on the history of Christianity.

We are interested in hearing from our network partners about what sort of events would be most useful to your community. If you have suggestions for events you would like to see, please contact us.